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The Big 4-0: Lessons from Forty Years of Senior Living Marketing and Development

This fall I’m celebrating my fortieth year in the senior living industry. Over these forty years, the industry has changed radically. I’ve seen trends come and go, and I’ve observed how three different generations (and their families) approach lifestyle, health care, and decision making in their retirement years. Most importantly, I’ve seen the principles and practices that endure and create success over the long term. Learn more.

Redefining Marketing: Trends for the Next Generation of Active Aging

An ASHA Special Issue Brief

Join Kleger Associates as we look ahead to the marketing trends that will drive the next ten years of active aging. From social media to storytelling and from raw data to relationship marketing, reaching the generation that is redefining retirement means redefining our methods. In fact, it means redefining our whole concept of active aging. For the incoming generation of retirees — and the influencers of today’s prospects and residents — personalized experience is everything. Are you ready? Download the brief from the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA).

Five Ways to Keep Your Competitive Edge

Nearly every senior housing community has the same challenge: staying ahead of the competition. The good news is that you can overcome this challenge. Over many years working through changing markets in this industry, I’ve found that clients who have an edge over their competition all have certain things in common. Read More: Learn How to Gain - and Keep - Your Competitive Edge.

Change Is Good!

At Kleger Associates, we’re very excited about the changes we’re making for our clients and for ourselves. First, we’ve added three new, experienced consulting associates to help continue to support all of the good things going on. Second, I’m excited to share some of the positive changes we facilitated for our clients over the past year.  Read More: Meet our new associates and see how we've facilitated positive changes for our clients.

Five Questions To Ask Now For Marketing Success In 2017

Whether January 1st marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for your community or it’s just another page on the calendar, the new year is a time to reset, refresh, and renew your marketing efforts. Every year, we do an extensive “Review/Preview” with our clients. You can do it, too: see an overview of types of questions we ask and information we examine to steer our clients' success year after year. Read More: Five Questions to Ask Now For Marketing Success in 2017.

Three Things To Be Thankful For In Senior Housing

As the holiday season begins and 2016 nears its close, there is much to be thankful for in senior housing. Our industry is booming. With the continued focus on the baby boomer market, we have more potential customers than ever. And better yet, we have more ways than ever to reach them, learn about them, and connect with them. The industry is changing rapidly to meet them, and that includes marketing. Read More: Three Things To Be Thankful For In Senior Housing.

Midsummer Marketing Magic

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Summer is magical, so it's no wonder Shakespeare picked the height of the season to send his characters into the woods to find a little magic. Here is a little – but fierce! – list of the best things you can do right now to boost the marketing of your senior living community. Read More: Midsummer Magic for Marketing Senior Housing.

To Find The Answers About Senior Housing, You Have To Ask The Right Questions

I have six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
I call them What and Where and When
And How and Why and Who.

Rudyard Kipling wrote these famous words in 1902, inspired by his work as a journalist. It turns out the words of a journalist scoping out stories in Victorian England are still relevant today, especially for those of us in senior housing. Read more: Asking The Right Questions To Innovate in Senior Housing.

Giving That Lovin' Feeling At Your Retirement Community

We’ve all seen TV shows where the lovelorn star does everything he can to win over the girl of his dreams. And we smile along, knowing that there is no formula to make two people fall in love. But there is plenty you can do to make people fall in love with your community. Click Here to Read More

16 Ways to Surpass Your Competition in 2016

In 2016 the first of the baby boomers turn 70. They’re planning for their futures now, and they’re the ultimate influencers in selecting care options for their aging parents. This double-edged market is dramatically different from even a few years ago, and communities will need to stay ahead of trends in order to be competitive. Click Here to Read More

The Art and Science of Retirement Housing Marketing

A solid marketing plan is 80% tried-and-true, 20% something new. For many retirement housing providers, the “something new” in their marketing plan is technology. Revamped websites, increased social media presence, and search engine marketing often provide big opportunities for lead generation. Click Here to Read More

September Review / Preview: Your Marketing Homework 

We never really forget that “back to school” feeling, do we? No matter how long we (or our customers) have been out of school, September always brings renewed focus and a promising new start.

In senior housing, September means a burst of opportunities between summer vacations and the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to “review and preview” your marketing for the year in order to make the most of these next few busy and exciting months. Click Here to Read More

Opportunities in the 50+ & Senior Markets

By all indications, 50+ housing activity is on the right path in 2013.  While economist are using the word ‘rebound’ for the general economy, Bob Karen, chair of the NAHB 50+ Housing Council is projecting the start of a ‘tsunami’ in the 50+ housing industry.  If not the tsunami yet, we do see a steady rise. Demographics alone could tell the story.  The latest Nielson Report stated that in five years, fifty percent of the U.S. population will be age 50+.  That’s 110 million baby boomers and seniors.  That in itself, spells opportunity. Click Here to Read More

Learn more about Marketing to Seniors

Retired seniors and mature adults just before retirement have an immense potential as clients to many businesses.  On the whole, they have plenty of purchasing power and increasingly more time to exercise it.  On the other hand, they have the time and experience to shop around and can afford high-quality products and services with high standards.

If you can cater to the needs of this specific market segment, you will be rewarded by many loyal customers. Don't take any chances and work with the best in the field of mature adult marketing to turn your opportunity into success.

Pre-Lease Success at Coburg Village

When Coburg Village, a 55+ rental community in Rexford, N.Y., broke ground for 78 new expansion apartments last fall, it was not only a ray of hope in an otherwise down local economy, but it also signaled a new set of options for the senior consumer.  The offering was a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free adult lifestyle community, with all the social and recreational amenities, all bundled in a simple rental agreement.

Read more: Pre-Lease Success at Coburg Village

Great Optimism in the 55-Plus Housing Industry

Attendees at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 50+ Housing Council sessions at the 2012 International Builders’ Show (IBS) seemed to agree that there was a renewed sense of energy and optimism.  “The future of the 50-plus housing industry has never been better,” stated Nathan W. Jameson, director of operations of Traditions of America.  “Just the sheer volume of Americans aging into this demographic each year makes it ‘the’ place to be in housing.”

Read more: Great Optimism in the 55-Plus Housing Industry

Marketing to the 55+ Woman

Make no mistake about it.  Marketing to the 55+ woman is a significant part of the adult housing industry today.  Marketers should know that she is different from her mother and definitely different from her male counterpart.  So how can you reach this buyer who is traditionally very influential in the decision making process for a new home?

Read more: Marketing to the 55+ Woman

Selling to Seniors

Choice is the name of the game in senior housing today, says Barbara Kleger, a national 55+ housing consultant—and if you don’t offer a wide variety of options to your residents and prospects, your competitors will, she warns.

Read more: Selling to Seniors, The 50+ Marketing Report by CD Publications.  March 2007 edition.

“Barbara’s wealth of knowledge is endless.  She was easily able to adapt her strategies to the specific needs of Coburg Village – understanding that we are about building relationships.  She successfully helped us through challenging staff transitions.  Her strategies helped us achieve our pre-sales goals, bringing us to financing.”

— Kathryn Welden-Pinney, Executive Director, Coburg Village